Sam’s Car Wash – Various locations – Linear Wall Washers

Fantastic Sam’s – Westflex Covemax X for shelf lighting

Reeds Jewelers – Various locations – Westflex Covemax X 5.0 tape light for sign lighting

Fontainebleau Hotel – WestPower300 control system

Loews Hotel, Minneapolis, MN – 200 watt Phantom white Flood Lights

55 Broadway, New York, NY – 12″ x 12″ Warm White LED Mirage Panels

546 W. 44th, New York, NY – 547 ft. of Westflex tape light

2400 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia – Lobby – Westflex Covemax X 5.0 3300K

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA – Phantom Flood Lights

Make Offices – UBER – Westflex Covemax X 5.0 4500K

Rumfish Restaurant & Bar – Westflex Covemax X 5.0 3300K in Round and Half Round Extrusion

Dinolfo’s Banquet Hall – RGB Westflex Tape Light, 40 Watt Phantom RGB Flood Lights, Linear RGB Wall Washers

Tampa Bay Times – Westflex Covemax Slim

Old Chicago Pizza – Various locations – Westflex Covemax X 5.0 in 25 Degree Extrusion and Half Round Extrusion

Spanish Embassy – RGB Linear Wall Washers and 100 Watt RGB Phantom Flood Lights

University of Michigan – School of Nursing – Westflex SMD white Tape Light

Detriot Lions – Tunnel Club – Westflex RGB Tape Light and Westflex Covemax 5.0 Tape Light

Chisolm Trail Casino – Westflex LED Neon 3000K

Sea Level – Westflex Covemax X 5.0 2700K, 0-10 Dimming control

DTW Eastern Market – Westflex LED Neon 5000K and Westflex Covemax X

Reed Baton Flagpole Tampa, FL – 256 ft. of Westflex RGB LED Neon and WestPower300 Controllers

Opal Sands Resort

TPR recently supplied over 3000 feet of Covemax Tape Light to highlight this fabulous new resort in Clearwater Florida. 2500 feet at 4500K was installed in the hallway coves and toe kicks to create floating walls. A further 780 feet in Turtle Yellow was used around the outdoor deck to highlight the pool area planters, while keeping Sea Turtles from entering the area.

Sight & Sound Theatres

TPR recently completed fabricating two Fiber Optic Curtains. Because of the scale of the theatre they were each approximately 30’ H x 80’ W.

Coopers Hawk Restaurant

TPR has been working closely with City Lighting, an excellent National Accounts Distributor out of Charlotte, NC. Together we provided 530 feet of custom length tape light fixtures to highlight the bar and seating area.

Bimini Resort

TPR Supplied 1500 feet of Side and End Emitting fiber optic cable to highlight the pool areas at the new Bimini Resort. Stainless Steel Pavers were used to create dots of light along the walkways while a 42 strand Side Glow cable outlined the pool. Both effects were driven by LED Illuminators in RGBW.

Paramour – Broadway New York City

Paramour – Broadway New York City – TPR was excited to be chosen to provide a Custom Fiber Optic Star Drop for Cirque du Soleil’s first Broadway production, Paramour. This star drop included the Paramour logo. We also provided nine of our DMX-64 LED RGBW Fiber Optic Illuminators.