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Fiber Optic Curtains

Fiber Optic Curtain (800x534)

Product Description:

  • Facing fabric is 16 oz. flameproof black Encore cloth
  • Lining is flameproof black Ranger cloth
  • .75mm polymer fivers adhered to the curtain using a proprietary gluing process
  • Top of curtain is finished with webbing and mounting grommets
  • 5′ long umbilical cord in protective tubing with a 30mm metal input ferrule
  • Ferrule secured with epoxy and polished
  • Umbilical cord can exit curtain at any point and should be specified at time of order
  • Curtains can be manufactured in a number of zones, circuits, fiber densities and fiber diameters
  • Curtains can also be manufactured in a variety of fabrics and colors
  • Custom logos and patterns can also be incorporated
  • Chain pockets, pipe pockets and velcro adhered linings available

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