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First Financial Center, Des Moines, IA

Jun 7, 2023

We have recently completed a project at the First Financial Center in Des Moines, IA which is a 32 story office tower.  This project utilized 72 150 Watt RGB 20 degree Flood Lights.  There were 24 fixtures on each long side of the building and 12 fixtures on each short side of the building.  Additionally…

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550 W. Adams Office Building, Chicago, IL

Nov 22, 2022

We recently completed 550 W. Adams crown lighting in Chicago.  This building is a very visible part of the Chicago skyline.  The project utilized 64 RGB 4’ Phantom Linear Floods, 2 6.3 Splitter Boosters, various cables and a programmable wall control. 

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Paycom Arena

May 24, 2022

We recently completed the Paycom Arena.  This is a very large and very visible project in Oklahoma City.  The project utilized over 2,000 ft. of Green LED Neon and over 40 Power Supplies.

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United Airlines, LAX

Mar 18, 2021

We have recently completed a project for United Airlines at LAX.  This project utilized our Westflex® Flat Top 4000K LED Neon along with our 96 watt Power Supplies.

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Hamilton Hotel, Washington DC

Mar 11, 2021

We have recently completed a project at the Hamilton Hotel in Washington DC.  This project utilized approximately 1,350 ft. of our Westflex® RGBW Side Bend LED Neon, 60 ft. of Westflex® RGBW Flat Top LED Neon and 88 ft. of Westflex® 2700K Side Bend LED Neon.  The project also utilized 100 of our WestPower 300-4…

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Lucky Star Casino, Oklahoma

Mar 11, 2021

We have recently completed an upgrade to the Lucky Star Casino.  This project utilized approximately 830 ft. of our Westflex® Chasing RGBW LED Neon.  The project also included 46 of our DMX to SPI Decoders and 46 of our PS240 Power Supplies.

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Jan 28, 2021

Chatham Park, NC. We were able to create this spectacular RGB lighting effect on the sculpture at the entrance to Chatham Park in the Research Triangle area in NC utilizing only six of our 100 watt Phantom RGB Flood Lights.  We are happy to report that the client is extremely pleased with the end result.

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Madame Tussauds in New York City

Jan 13, 2021

We were excited to work with Lighting Designer David Agress on the upgrade of the lighting in the entrance of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in New York City. David used 12 – Phantom 200 watt white light fixtures.  The onboard DMX control allowed David to integrate the Phantom fixtures into the existing control system.

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Centris Federal Credit Union Headquarters – Omaha, NE

Mar 29, 2020

Added a color changing accent to the building outline. 524 ft. of RGB LED Neon 13 WestPower Dimmers

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