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Product Description:

The TPR LED Neon RGBW is a flexible Neon replacement for Architectural and Entertainment venues. It is IP68 rated for extreme weather and uses DMX 512 for control. Great for outlining buildings and creating curved lines of light. It also cuts to length every 3.937” for custom length runs. This product is available in RGB and RGB-W (both 2700K and 4000K).


Construction: PVC Ivory White base
Power: 4.6 W/f
Operating Voltage: 24VDC
Operating Temp: -4F to 104F (-20C to 40C)
Dimensions: 18mm W x 25.5mm H (End Cap)
Dimensions: 11.5mm W x 21mm H (Mid Fixture)
Lamp Life: 50,000hrs @ 70% Lumen Maintenance
Max Run Length: 16.4’ Single Feed
Max Run Length: Injection Molded Connectors
Cutting Increment: 100mm (3.937”)
Control: DMX


Compliance Logos UL, CE, ROHS 40W Phantom™

Ordering Logic:

RGB Chasing Neon

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