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Linear Wall Washer RGB 4

Product Description:

The TPR LINEAR WALL WASHER is an energy ef cient RGB LED based wall wash xture incorporating 36 – 1 watt Cree RGB power LEDs for a full 16.7 million true and 24 bit color mixing ability. The TPR Linear Wall Washer can be operated as a single stand-alone xture or in a multiple master/slave con guration with built-in pre-programmed color changing effects. The on-board programs synchronize with all TPR Wall Washer products. The TPR Linear Wall Washer is also DMX compatible for in nite color choices. The TPR Linear Wall Washer has an aluminum cast/ extruded housing. Rated IP65 for indoor or outdoor use.


Specifications Chart Wall washer RGB4


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Ordering Logic:

Ordering Logic Chart Wall Washer RGB4

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